Current activities

In 2008 the partners acquired a 3D seismic survey of the concession area. The data was processed and interpreted by expert geoscientists and revealed previously unknown reservoirs with the potential to hold commercial reserves of gas.  The results indicated locations for two new wells, Pg-10 and Pg-11, which were drilled in 2011 to depths of around 3,500 m.  Pg-11 was sidetracked to Pg-11A for technical reasons.  Both wells were successfully fracture stimulated and both tested gas at commercial rates during flow tests.

These wells confirmed better quality gas bearing reservoirs in the Middle Miocene ‘A’ to ‘F’ sands of the field, in line with the 3D model, but they also encountered gas in the deeper, even less explored, lower Middle Miocene ‘K’ sands below the traditional ‘A’-‘F’ sands.

From November 2017, the sale of raw gas to Croatia, to Ina’s gas processing plant, was acquired from the PG-10 and Pg-11A wells in Petišovci. The goal remains the acquisition of a new permit for the installation of a new gas processing plant and the supply of gas to the Slovenian grid. This would increase Slovenia’s energy independence, while at the same time new jobs would be created for the local population.


The plans for 2018 are subject to environmental permits waiting to be approved. First activities we are planning to do is deepening two of the existing Wells.